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Why you shouldn’t wash eggs

Even if it makes a lot of sense to wash eggs before you cook them, just like you would wash any other food, it’s actually pointless and might even make everything worse.

Food poisoning is no fun – and we can all agree on this. There are some foods thought that even if you wash them – you won’t change anything and it might even spread bacteria more.

This is the case for eggs. Don’t wash them before preparing them. There is a federal regulation, actually, that requires all eggs to be cleaned before being sold. And by ‘’cleaned’’ I don’t mean a simple rinse on the shell. When they are cleaned edible mineral oils are applied to the surface which protects the egg from any bacteria (and penetrating inside the egg).

Yes, you are completely right if you say: ‘’Well, even if they are cleaned before being sold imagine all the bacteria that gets on it simply from them sitting in the grocery store’’. But believe me when I say (if you don’t believe me – a lot of nutritionists say this as well) – washing the shell will further the bacteria.

You will push it back through the surface and the germs will get inside the egg which will cause contamination to the part you actually consume.

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