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Stain Removal for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Stain RemovalHardwood floors may not be as susceptible to staining as carpets for example, but natural wood is quite porous and will not tolerate heavy organic and chemical stains, even if the top finish is intact. Most hardwood floors require specific stain removal techniques which professionals practice every day, and choosing the right one is well worth it as hardwood floors are quite pricy and provide for long lasting comfort and style.

The key to effective stain removal for hardwood floors is to choose the right method for the particular type of stain.

Course of action:

First and foremost you need to clean the floor around the stain, sweep any dust, dirt and debris in the area so that you are dealing only with the stain.

If the stain is old, definitely clean the dust and dirt off the floor so you know the extent and nature of the problem you are dealing with.

Weak stains:

Generally, weak stains will come off without use of strong chemical solvents.

-mix mild detergent with warm water, stir the solution well in a bucket and apply using a soft rag, wring the rag before and after each application, wash the rag in clean water every three or four uses.

If the stain is still visible:

-treat the affected area with rubbing alcohol (denatured alcohol), apply using a soft dry rag, wipe the treated area with a moist towel, don’t miss any spots as the alcohol can cause fading.

Stubborn (organic) stains:

Floors Stain Removalfirst option you have is to use a high strength stain remover, in this case it would be commercial grade hardwood floor cleaner, mix the product to a bucket of warm water and treat the stain using a microfiber cloth, don’t forget to wring out the cloth properly before each time you apply it to the floor.

-if the stain is still visible use white vinegar, mix one part undiluted vinegar to two parts cold water and apply the solution to the affected area, remember to wipe the floor using a wet towel after the vinegar treatment.

Heavy staining:

Things like blood, grease and iodine can be a problem to remove from your hardwood floors, so you need something stronger.

-mix equal parts of ammonia and water and stir well, apply the solution to the stain and repeat the process as many times as necessary to get the desired result, remove traces of ammonia by going over the treated area with cloth damped in fresh water.

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