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Easy Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Home

How To Properly Clean Your Windows?

One of the most hated cleaning chores has to be cleaning windows. I don’t know why people detest it so much. If I have to be honest, I don’t mind doing it at all. In fact, I prefer cleaning the windows rather than cleaning my bathroom.

But no matter whether you enjoy it or hate it, this chore needs to be performed every once in a while. If your windows are dirty then your whole home will look dirty as well – no matter how many hours you have to spend scrubbing and dusting every corner of your house!

But cleaning windows can be tricky because you can easily leave streaks and stains behind. This is why there are a few tips I have for you in order to achieve spotless windows – without wasting too much time!

How To Properly Clean Your Windows?

Start off with preparing all the supplies you will need – a squeegee, microfiber cloths, a mini window washer, and a small container filled with warm water and a few drops of dishwasher detergent (or powder).

Next, dip the squeegee in the mixture and wash the entire window (top to bottom then left to right).

Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the water that will drop to the sills. I also use the window washer to cover the corners of my windows because they can be pretty hard to get to with a squeegee, however, this step is not necessary. If you don’t have a window washer at home you don’t need to go out of your way to buy one.

And just like that, your windows are spotless. One tip I have is to avoid cleaning windows when it’s sunny. Always choose a cloudy day. Why? When it’s sunny, the window is warm and the water dries up quickly leaving marks and stains behind.

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