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How To Make An All-Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar?

I love using natural ingredients to clean my house, however, it seems like almost every recipe out there has vinegar. I absolutely hate vinegar due to its smell – and the last thing I want is for my home to smell like vinegar. Once I am done cleaning, I want every room to smell good.

Another reason why I want to avoid it is that the countertops in my kitchen are marble – and if you didn’t know, vinegar can damage it!

It’s so important to me that I forced myself to experiment and try to make an all-purpose cleaner without vinegar. I know it sounds crazy since its the main ingredient in every single recipe on the internet but I finally found a solution to this problem!

Here Is How To Avoid Vinegar And Still Make An All-Purpose Cleaner!

Since vinegar is such a great ingredient to use for cleaning and disinfecting I had to find its alternative – something that is as effective and smells better!

Now, you need to prepare rubbing alcohol (or vodka), distilled water, and your favourite essential oils!

Why rubbing alcohol? It will get rid of the dust and dirt on any surface and it will disinfect it! Disinfecting is very important to me – and what better way than to have one product that can do two things? It will clean and disinfect even better than vinegar.

So I mix everything in a spray bottle so that it’s easier to use. I usually combine a cup of vodka, cup and a half of distilled water, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. I use lavender because it has antibacterial properties but you can use whatever you like. That way your home will smell amazing!

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