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Easy Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Home

How to clean your fridge: the only guide you need

Kitchen appliances need regular maintenance since they won’t magically clean by themselves. You need to take the proper care of them.

This article will be the only guide you need for cleaning your fridge.

– Empty the fridge

Your fridge should be empty when you start performing the cleaning. But don’t just empty it – see what needs to be thrown away, what is old and is past the use-by date. Clean sticky bottles before you put them back in the fridge.

– You should take out all the removable parts

As I said, the fridge should be empty – and this does not mean to take out only the foods and drinks, it means that even the removable parts should be taken out.

That way not only will you be able to clean the inside of the fridge better but you will clean the removable parts separately.

– Let’s get to cleaning

Inspect your fridge and find areas that have any sort of dried dirt. Now make a mixture of water and vinegar, put it in a spray bottle and spray the area. Leave the mixture for a while. I do not recommend you use any harsh chemicals especially for the inside of the fridge. You might not be able to fully remove them which automatically means they will transfer to the food that’s inside and you will consume it.

In the meantime, you can start cleaning the removable parts of the fridge. Soak them in soapy warm water and let them sit for a while.

– Use baking soda

I previously said I do not recommend using products that contain harsh chemicals. I only recommend using natural cleaning products and baking soda is the perfect item.

This cleaning method is perfect if your fridge is not that dirty. Make a paste using baking soda and hot water. Apply some on a cloth and wipe the inside.

How to clean the exterior of the fridge?

You can use both soapy water or the mixture of baking soda and warm water for the outside of the fridge as well.

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