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How to clean vinyl floors

Vinyl floor cleaningVinyl floorings have become more and more popular. Homeowners are often opting on placing vinyl flooring in their kitchens and bathrooms due to the fact that vinyl is a wet-proof material that is very resilient and highly affordable. Another advantage that vinyl has over the other flooring materials is that it is an easy to clean and maintain material.

The easiest way to maintain a vinyl floor in clean and good condition is to vacuum or sweep it regularly. Cleaning experts say that vinyl floors should be vacuumed or swept at least once a day because the accumulated small stones and pieces of dirt may damage the vinyl when they are spread around by the foot traffic.

Also every now and then you must mop a vinyl floor with a homemade cleaning solution that is made out of equal parts of hot water and vinegar or ammonia. The reason why you must use this homemade cleaning detergent and not a commercial one is that commercial detergents may damage the vinyl surface and leave sticky residue behind.

floor cleaningHeavily soiled vinyl floors can also be cleaned with a homemade remedy. Simply mix hot water and a small amount of dish soap in a bucket and then mop the floor while you are concentrating on the heavily soiled areas of the floor. Once the floor is mopped thoroughly allow the cleaning solution to sit for several minutes to loosen any harden particles and then simply rinse the floor with clean water.

Wax buildups can be removed easily with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. The proportions of the mixture should be one part alcohol to three parts of hot water. Once the mixture is ready, dip your mop or a sponge into it and start scrubbing the wax buildups.

Scuff marks can be rubbed away by dampening a soft clean cloth in lighter fluid or paint thinner. Once the marks are removed you should rinse the treated areas with hot water to remove any excess of the lighter fluid or paint thinner.

Vinyl floors that are stained with resilient stains can be easily cleaned with a mixture of bleach and hot water. You must simply soak a rag into the mixture and leave it to sit over the stains before you mop them. Once the stains are removed you can end the stain removing process by washing the floor with hot water.

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