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Easy Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Household Cleaning Solutions – What Else You Need To Know

By:Cleaners Bromley

Household Cleaning SolutionsPeople have access to a vast variety of cleaning products and materials for almost any cleaning job around the home. There is also the option to prepare one’s own cleaning solution, specially formulated for the task at hand. Before choosing how to clean your place, and what products to use, consider some of the following information.


Bleach is an excellent disinfectant that can be used on many surfaces and materials. When using bleach remember that many surfaces do not need disinfecting at all as they are cleaned effectively using normal strength detergents. Bleach is also quite harsh on certain natural stone materials like marble.

Lemon juice and vinegar

A proven and effective cleaning solution, lemon juice and/or vinegar will kill off most bacteria and eradicate mould from different surfaces, but this solution will not kill off viruses such as flu or chickenpox. To kill viruses lingering in your home you need an EPA grade disinfectant.

The laundry

When doing the washing, many people use the cold water setting on their machine and add bleach for extra washing power and brighter colours. Indeed using cold water will save some power, but adding bleach will only get you so far. Hot water on the other hand kills off many germs, bacteria and dust mites, combine hot water washing with a small amount of bleach and your washing results will improve greatly.

The inside of the washing machine

Household Cleaning SolutionsMost people will think the inside of their washing machine is quite a clean spot. Yes but no, germs and bacteria from clothing can cling to the interior of your washing machine and they usually do. Run an empty cycle on hot water setting, add half a cup (or a full cup) of undiluted bleach and that’s it, run a low water cycle.

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Vacuuming the carpet

Contrary to common belief, frequent vacuuming will not ruin the carpet’s good looks and comfort properties. In fact, frequent vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking better. Grit, dirt and hard particles are abrasive and will be driven further into the carpet through foot traffic which means regular vacuuming is the only way to protect the carpet.

A different product for each surface

There is a different cleaning product for each surface these days, though many times using as specially formulated cleaning product is unnecessary. Many surfaces aren’t as germy as they are made to be, and an all-purpose cleaner will be more than enough.

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