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Easy Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning Interior Blinds

Interior Blinds CleaningInterior blinds are stylish, functional and quite hard to clean. Most people will have hard time cleaning the blinds properly as the task itself seems quite tricky and time consuming and it’s always easier to call a professional service. Having said this, dirty blinds are not an option as they will affect the overall level of interior hygiene. Here are a few easy ways to clean the blinds quickly and without too much effort. Those tips came from some of the most professional cleaners in London.

Greasy blinds

Blinds in the kitchen and certain other areas around the house will accumulate a fair bit of grease residue from cooking fumes, the residue will cause the blinds to look dull and old, and if the blinds have also been exposed to cigarette smoke then staining will be quite heavy.


remove the blind from the window, if the blind fits place it in your bath tub for more cleaning convenience, clean the thing using a water and ammonia solution, optionally fill the bathtub with hot water and wash the blinds using dishwashing liquid and / or baking soda.

Cleaning Interior BlindsFabric:

take down the blinds, spread them out on large towels or relatively clean drop sheets if you have such handy, mix together water and mild detergent, apply the solution carefully with a small, soft bristled brush, if the blind is large then use a larger soft bristle brush, remember you are cleaning a greasy stain so wash your brush thoroughly every two or three uses, wash one side of the blind then turn it over one eighty to do the other side.


it is not recommended to wash wooden blinds, instead remove them from the window, wipe them with a moist rag and clean them using lemon oil.

Dirty & dusty blinds:


mix fresh water with mild detergent in a spray bottle, uniformly apply the solution to the blind, wipe down the blind using a damp rag, alternatively soak the blinds in a bathtub full of warm water and mild detergent, use the shower to rinse the blinds.


dust and wipe the blinds as often as possible, you can also use a vacuum cleaner, though make sure the vacuum brush is free of fluff, cobwebs and dust balls.


vacuum blinds thoroughly as often as possible, treat cleaned blinds with lemon oil for longer lasting hygiene.

Large sized blinds may be difficult to remove from the window, so get an extra pair of hands to help you, if not consider cleaning them on the spot.

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