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5 Things You Shouldn’t Clean In Your Dishwasher

I love my dishwasher so much – it saves me time and energy. Not many know this but I don’t only use it to clean dishes and kitchen utensils. I clean and disinfect all sorts of things in there – from my hairbrushes to toys and flip flops.

There are so many things that you can clean in your dishwasher, however, there is a limit to that. There are a lot of items which you definitely should never place in your dishwasher or you will damage both those objects and your appliance.

Here Are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Clean In Your Dishwasher!

– Kitchen Knives

Yes, you should only clean kitchen knives by hand – or at least the good ones. The reason is very simple – the dishwasher detergent will make the blades dull and the handles will loosen over time due to the hot water.

That is why I always clean my expensive knives by hand with just soapy hot water.

– Plastic Items

Some plastic items are safe to be washed in the dishwasher, however, some aren’t. You should always check the manufacturer’s label before you attempt to clean them with your appliance.

– Nonstick Pots/ Pans

I have so many nonstick pots and pans – they make cooking easier.

But you need to keep in mind that the hot water and intense heat of your appliance might damage the nonstick coating. This is why I recommend washing them by hand!

– Fine china

If you have really expensive fine china then skip on cleaning it in your dishwasher and just do it by hand.

Why? The appliance can chip off the paint and it can even chip the china – and I know that you want to protect it.

– Cutting boards

Any wooden kitchenware should stay away from the dishwasher – including cutting boards, wooden spoons, etc. It can damage them and even cause the wooden kitchenware to break.

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