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2 Tips For Cleaning Your Dishwasher!

If you have a dishwasher then you need to know something – you need to regularly clean and take care of your appliance. This will prevent your dishwasher from breaking.

If your dishwasher has started to smell weird or it no longer cleans dishes properly then this is a sign you don’t clean it properly. Thankfully, I have a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to this and I will teach you how to easily clean it and get rid of that terrible smell.

2 Tips For Cleaning Your Dishwasher

– How To Remove Mineral Deposits?

If the dishes you took out of your dishwasher are still kind of dirty then you need to take care of the mineral deposits. You can easily do this by buying unsweetened lemonade mix (the citric acid in the powder will remove the mineral deposits that have been accumulated).

Fill the container where you put the detergent in with the lemonade mix and run a full hot cycle.

– How To Deep Clean Your Dishwasher (and remove bad odours)?

Deep cleaning your dishwasher is super easy – and you only need vinegar! Fill a cup with white vinegar and place it on the top rack. Then run a hot cycle.

Then once the cycle is complete, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the appliance (one full cup is enough). Continue with running another hot cycle.

The vinegar and the baking soda will get rid of all buildup and impurities as well as disinfect the appliance. It will also get rid of any bad odours!

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